Alfissimo's "GTA" Performance Springs- Giulia QV (Performance & Corsa Versions)

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Alfissimo's GTA performance spring

Alfissimo's CORSA Performance spring

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Alfissimo’s "GTA" Performance Spring for the Giulia QV - High Performance and Corsa "Track" Version

Made in Italy

Our springs have been developed to have slightly higher rates over the OEM GTA spring and perform better than OEM or any other spring on the market. We call them the "GTA" Performance springs in order to connect the GTA/m ECU software and our springs for the ultimate suspension package. Although inspired by the GTA suspension spring they are not a copy of the GTA spring.  The GTA springs we tested are still too soft and not what we wanted to bring to QV/GTA/m owners. The whole point of developing these springs was to go beyond what any spring on the market (lowering only) or from Alfa produce. We put a great amount of thought and testing into them. 

Coupled with the GTA/m Suspension Software ECU the Standard QV is transformed. Overall: Much better handling, no wallow, less droop, no bump steer, no teeter or rear end squat, slightly sportier in A,N modes (less float) but still maintains the characteristics of those modes and what they are there for. D mode is much sportier but compliant, Race-mode is much more for track use. 

Made in Italy with the same manufacturer that produces our 2.0L springs, they are of the Highest quality, engineering and craftsmanship. 

We have opted for a 9.55-10mm (could settle to 10mm+) lowering only, based of the 2017 QV Spring height for both the Performance and "track" edition spring. We developed these upgraded springs to run with the GTAm suspension software or Standard software to be compatible on the track to practical on the street.  These springs may be slightly more costly than off the shelf lowering springs but there has been more R&D put into these springs than the others on the market and there is not doubt you will notice. These compliment the car, shock calibration and work well in all modes. Made in a TUV certified Factory but we have opted to not get an expensive TUV approval for the springs. 


-  Available in Powder coated Red with the option to special order Black (incognito–Extra ~1 week)

~ 10mm Lowering based off 2017 Giulia QV ride height. 

-  Fits Giulia QV/GTA/m 

-  Testing completed with a track sessions @Sonoma Raceway and many hours on the street

- Stelvio must cut down bump stops ~35mm - Track version spring recommended and GTAm Suspension software. 

Performance Spring12-15% higher Rate than Stock GTA springs. Extremely comfortable with a much more sporty feel and unmatched handling. 

Alfissimo's Corsa Performance Spring Version or 10% higher rate over Standard performance springs. -Approx ride height: Front Fender to level ground ~26 3/8" - Rear 26 3/4"

These are a highly complex Dual-Rate spring (two linear rates connection with a transition range). Typically used on High-performance/GT cars. (Highly recommended to use with GTAm software ECU) - Powder Coated Red ONLY. 

All modes still maintain very good function and characteristics the car is known for but more suited for pushing it hard. Ride quality is excellent but this is focused for serious driving but is completely comfortable on the street. We call them a "CORSA" version but they are able to be driven on the street without an issue due to the Dual-rates. Completely street drivable in all situations. No bottoming out at all. Maintains comfort and provides the performance you are looking for when you push the vehicle. 

The Dual Rate Spring combines a relatively low initial spring rate, designed to absorb minor undulations and increase grip with a precise transition point and transition range to a secondary higher spring rate to improve roll control during cornering.

The precise placement of the transition range in the total spring displacement enables accurate shock valving because the initial rate is very linear and the transition range to the secondary rate is quite short. Increased roll control and less nose dive. These are spiritied driving to track focused. 

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