Giulia/Stelvio Fluid Spec/Capacities.

Porterfield Bedding procedures recommendations

Street pads are pre‐bedded. Just install and drive normally and they will bed themselves in within about  100 miles. Please avoid the 60+‐0 absolute stops upon first installation to see how well they stop.  (Obviously if it is required for safety do so.) This can lead to glazing of the parts. Please allow the 100 or  so miles to pass before being more aggressive with them.  

Race pads (R4-S) – Ok for all race pads we carry  All brakes should be made with even pressure (no stab braking) and never coming to a complete stop. 

Allow equal time on and off the brake. Usually easy to do as you get back up to speed.  

5 brakes at 40% pedal pressure 25mph to 5mph 

5 brakes at 50% pedal pressure 50mph to 25mph 

5 brakes at 70% pedal pressure 75mph to 35mph 

Allow to cool completely without engaging the brakes.  

4C Bolt Tightening Information:




Proper alignment of 164 models 

Alfa 164 Technical Service Bulletin 21.94.01


  •   Information: Alignment Specifications for 164


  •   Models: 1991 thru 1995 164 All
  •   Date: 10/14/94


  •   The alignment specifications for all model year 164's have been revised and simplified.


  •   1991-1995 164 ALL


  •   Front Camber -1.1 a to -2.4
  •   Front Caster - + 1.0 to + 2.6
  •   Front Total Toe - 0mm to -2mm
  •   Rear Camber - +0.1 o to -1.8
  •   Rear Total Toe - +4mm to +6mm


  •   NOTE: When running a larger wheel/tire combo 16"+
  •   Front Total Toe - 0mm to -2mm
  •   Rear Total Toe - 0mm to -2mm


  •   Please, update all of the 1991 & 1994 164 Service Manuals in your dealership by makeing the corrections within Group 21 on pages 21-12, 21-13, 21-15, 21-27, 21-28, 21-29. Please refer to the attached sample page.
  •   The locations for the changes are called out by this little pencil--->
  •   ALSO: The statements "Values refer to static load vehicle" and "For vehicles enuipped with spacers between engine support frame and bodywork" will no longer be used. In the 1991 164 Service Manual the "PITCH ANGLE" is CASTER ANGLE
  •   This T.S.B. supersedes all previous publications including specifications found in service manuals.