"Nitron aim to provide the highest quality automotive suspension through a combination of innovation, uncompromising quality and attention to detail. Nitron will always represent excellent value delivered through outstanding levels of customer service."  Guy Evans ~CEO NITRON RACING SYSTEMS

Every Nitron shock is built using the ultimate in quality precision components, each of which has undergone an extensive and rigorous design and development program to ensure optimum performance. Nitron shocks are designed using a modular system which allows maximum flexibility throughout the development of each application. 

Each individual component is machined to exacting standards and individually inspected by trained technicians as part of a strict quality control process. Through extensive testing of all new materials, finishes and processes and by combining technologies unique to Nitron, every shock is built to outperform and outlast its competitors, be it on the road or the track. Only by maintaining these high standards can Nitron ensure that customers experience the very ultimate suspension available.


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Giulia QV: Nitron Coilover...

Available to order Now (Divorced and non available)

R1 and R3 Coilovers (Non- electronic version) 

3-4 weeks when ordered. Made to order

Official Nitron Supplier

Price $4,624.00