1. 100% Secure shopping cart 
  2. We use NMI MERCHANTS 100%- Secure, encrypted payment method/processing.
  3. We accept Telephone Orders
  4. No e-mail orders
  5. International customers will need to provide, copy of bank statement, showing name/address that matches billing address of credit card being used. If credit Card information does not match, the order is canceled. International service charges may apply.
  6. We do not accept paypal.  Apple Pay coming. 
  7. CA Residents will be charged a 8.25% tax rate. 


All prices are typically as low as we can discount. Several factors that cause prices to fluctuate are shipping cost, exchange rate, bank fees, and customs charges.

We do not discount, have sales or participate in promo codes, black Friday, Cyber Monday or any of those marketing ploys. 


OEM is what we always try to offer. In place of OEM is the highest quality aftermarket part, bespoke that we know to be of the highest quality.