Service and Tuning


Service for Giulia/Stelvio/4C

Please email/call us for an Appointment 

Squadra Tuning:  Available on M-F and Saturday Morning between 9-11am ONLY

2014 and up Vehicles: 

2.9L Aux Belt change: ~$950

2.9L Oil Change: $225.00 Plus Oil kit of choice (ROWE, MOTUL etc...)

2.9L Spark plug change- $250 plus plugs (NGK)

2.0L oil change: $180 Plus kit of choice

2.0L Aux belt Change: ~$225.00

4C Timing belt w/water pump Service: $1,260 (OEM parts)

4C Brake fluid Change: $200.00 (Fluid of choice)

4C oil Change- $225.00 with choice of oil

Service and Tuning

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