Upper Adjustable Control Arms- Giulia/QV/GTA/m and Stelvio

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Alfissimo's Upper Adjustable control arms for Giulia/QV/GTA/m/Stelvio-ALL

  • Get Negative with these Adjustable Upper Control Arms. 
  • Able to significantly adjust negative camber from -1˚00 to -4˚00+/-
  • Ability to fit 19x10 wheels for square setup using our 17mm spacers. 
  • Add Our Caster/Camber kit for even more fine tuning, especially if using lowering springs. 
  • CNC's spacers and spherical joint take the place of the rubber bushing. 
  • Arms are made in Italy
  • Can be used in conjunction with Our Alfissimo Corsa Camber/Caster eccentric bushing.

Fits: Giulia 2.0L and 2.9L

We have an estimated track and aggressive street alignment recommendations using the Upper Adjustable control arms. 



FUCA adjustment:


To achieve -2 deg camber, the arms need to be 0.5” shorter than stock (from the outer ball joint to a line through both rod end).  To achieve this the center of the rod end bore needs to be 1.67” from the machined end face of the control arm (not the jam nut), which means that 0.96” of the rod end is threaded into the control arm = 17.5 turns.  The rod ends have 18 threads per inch, so 17.5 threads = turns = 0.97” engaged.


We ship the arms with the rod ends threaded in to be 0.75” shorter than the stock arms which increases negative camber by about 2.25 degrees.  If the stock camber is -0.5 degree, the new camber should be  -2.7 with the arms installed and the front toe reset.   Please note that as the FUCA gets shorter front toe-out increases because the tie-rod is attached to the front upright above the lower ball joint.  So, the front toe needs to be reset to desired spec as part of the FUCA installation process.  The initial camber measurement with the arms installed before the toe is adjusted will change slightly after the toe is reset.


You can fine tune with ½ turn of both rod ends = 0.08 degree camber change,  1 turn of both rod ends = 0.17 degree camber change, and 3 turns of both rod ends = 0.5 degrees camber change.  So, to achieve -1.8 degrees negative camber the rod ends should be installed 1 turn less than the -2 deg setting or 16.5 turns in the arms = 0.92” engaged. 


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