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2.0L Giulia: Alfissimo Giulia Performance Springs

$315.00 tax excl.

In production- 3-5 weeks

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Alfissimo's Performance springs for the Giulia 2.0L RWD (Q2).

Made in Italy

TUV approved

Lowering 25/30mm/.98" (Level lowering with just a slight rake)

Cold-wound process

These are now special order- 1-2 weeks usually from order date if not in stock 

They will fit all Giulia 2.0L RWD/Q2 vehicles these are not specific for Q4.

We collaborated with a coil factory (one in Italy and one in Netherlands) which produce the springs to our specifications. Most of our competitors produce the lowering springs in a hot-wound process, but our production is a cold-wound. This process makes the springs more reinforced and more durable and offers a quality ride/handling. We believe most of the springs available don't seem to do the job well. We think this is from them coming out too quickly and not having much R&D done. Ours have been testing for a couple of years to get it right. We are very confident that they will perform better than most.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia, like most of the Alfas has the front side that is lower than the rear, so in order to have a balanced lowering we have projected the 25mm springs in the front and 30mm in the rear axle. We usually do this on many vehicles, where the front part of the chassis is lower.

These springs have been fitted to the Giulia 2.0T/2.2JTD (136hp/150hp/180hp/200hp/280hp) and we have of course the TUV certification with them.


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