Squadra Tuning for Alfa Romeo Giulia, Stelvio and 4C

ECU tuning + OBD Tools (Squadra Tuning)

Tuning by Squadra Tuning V.O.F

Squadra Tuning a renowned tuner in the Netherlands. Known for their thoughtful approach to tuning, brining out the best in the Alfa. Squadra tuning is on the leading edge of product development for Alfa Romeo. 

Alfissimo has worked with Squadra for nearly 20 years. Alfissimo is the Official Squadra Tuning Dealer in the US. 


Squadra Tuning is not the umpteenth company that has plunged into the magical world of chip tuning. We do not purchase modified software from large software manufacturers whose quality always leaves something to be desired, but we develop all software in-house. That rightly makes Squadra Tuning a unique and highly valued player in this world.

ECU tuning + OBD Tools (Squadra Tuning)

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2023 vehicles - These are still in the works for full functionality. Currently they have less characters. You can purchase and upgrade later from home when new version is available. 

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