Oil Change Kit 5W-40–Patronas Selenia, (2.9 Bi-turbo/1750tbi) FIAT 9.55535-GH2


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Selenia 5W-40 (2.9 Bi-turbo/1750Tbi)  FIAT 9.55535-GH2 -CHANGE KIT

Kit Includes: 

7L of Oil -2.9L

6L of Oil -1750tbi

1 x OEM Oil Filter. 

1x Drain plug Seal. 

FCA has changed their recommendations for the 2.9 V6 Bi-TB engine in 2018.

Selènia Quadrifoglio:

  • all Stelvio Quadrifoglio and 4C (1750tbi)
  • all Giulia Quadrifoglio from VIN 7581688 on

Selenia Quadrifoglio 5W-40 is a fully synthetic lubricant developed in collaboration with FCA that is tailor-made for passionate enthusiasts of driving, specially designed to improve the sporting performance and bring the best out of Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio engines.

This latest generation lubricant allows maximum engine cleaning, a more efficient use of the power supplied and an extension of the oil change interval.

The new Selenia Quadrifoglio not only intended to lubricate and export heat but thanks to its high stability allows a perfect control of variable valve timing throughout the whole oil change interval.


Technical data:


SAE 5W-40, ACEA C3





Alfa Romeo's recommendation:


  • 2.9 V6 TB Quadrifoglio in various Alfa Giulia 952 and Stelvio
    7.0 liters provided
  • May be special order 7-10 days please check with us on stock levels

**Our Recommendation for oil change frequency is 4,000 miles/6 months per the owners manuals “severe duty/Heavy Duty Usage” recommendation. 

Recommended Oil Change Interval:

Heavy Usage Of The Vehicle

If the vehicle is used under one of the following conditions:

Dusty roads.

Short, repeated journeys less than 4 miles (7 km) at sub-zero outside temperatures.

Engine often idling or driving long distances at low speeds or long periods of inactivity.

In the event of a long period of inactivity. The following checks must be carried out more

often than indicated in the Scheduled Servicing Plan:

Check cleanliness of hood and trunk locks, cleanliness and lubrication of linkage.

Visually inspect conditions of: engine, trans- mission, pipes and hoses (exhaust/fuel system/brakes) and rubber elements (sleeves/bushes, etc.).

Check battery charge and battery fluid level (electrolyte).

Visually inspect conditions of the accessory drive belts.

Check and, if necessary, change engine oil and replace oil filter.

Check and, if necessary, replace cabin air filter.

Check and, if necessary, replace engine air cleaner.

Severe Duty All Models

Vehicles that are operated in a dusty and off-road environment, or predominately at idle or very low engine RPM are known as Severe Duty vehicles. It is recommended that you change engine oil at 4,000 miles (6,500 km) or 350 hours of engine run time.


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