Alfissimo CORSA Caster bushing replacement Kit (Giulia/Stelvio -All)

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Camber & Caster Correction Kit- Alfa Romeo Giulia, Stelvio, QV, GTA/m - by Alfissimo

 Developed by Alfissimo. 

Why do we need negative camber? We actually only need it while cornering, primarily to maintain a good contact patch when the tire flexes sideways under cornering loads, and secondarily to enjoy the benefits of camber thrust. Ideally, we would want our tires perfectly vertical when we are driving in a straight line, and for the outside tires to get negative camber in a corner. The Giulia and Stelvio stock have a nearly vertical front wheel at .50 negative camber which is hardly much and causes the tires to wear on the outer edge. 

This by itself is a fairly easy engineering problem. The solution is to have an upper control arm that is shorter than the lower arm so that under compression the top of the tire is pulled inwards (See our upper control arm solution), creating negative camber. As a matter of fact, that is exactly how a double wishbone suspension works. Unfortunately, we can only go so far with this approach because if we engineer the suspension to gain lots of negative camber under compression, then during braking we would end up with both front tires riding their inner edges and have absolutely horrible braking performance. With flimsy OEM bushings it does not help the situation much but bear in mind this example is extreme negative camber. 

The problem becomes even more complex, because a good suspension has to meet not just those needs, but various others as well. It must allow for 4 wheel independence, have appropriate camber during braking/acceleration, have appropriate camber during cornering, have minimal/no change in track width during suspension movement, have minimal movement of the roll center during suspension movement, have minimal/no toe change during suspension movement, have minimal/no compliance in the suspension links, and be light weight.

Turns out, we do not have a way to meet all of those needs simultaneously, which is why we try to limit body roll. The more roll we have, the more the desired suspension angles change, and we lose performance. To combat all of this, the best we can we have produces the Camber kit with the ability to adjust caster when using a different spring or Nitron coilover. Not only does the kit replace the large flimsy bushing which as noted can cause geometry to change in certain situations but also addresses the negative camber that the car is crying for, on top of that the ability dial in caster to spec or more. 


A uniball bushing with aluminum lightweight designed housing. This offers a more direct and precise connection between components, resulting in improved responsiveness. This is particularly beneficial in high-performance and racing applications, where quick and accurate feedback is required BUT is completely made for street use with low values in NVH. So no vibration, noise to the cabin, harshness, you may not even know the difference except for exceptional handling. 

This is a very common solution in the automotive/motorsport world for this type of application. We did not reinvent the wheel here, we are providing a high quality upgrade for a known problem. A uniball in a aluminum housing is the only option to solve this problem thus our solution.

Is it Durable? Absolutely! The Uniball bushings are often made from materials like steel/Alloy, which are more durable and resistant to wear and tear than rubber or polyurethane. This makes them suitable for demanding environments and applications that involve significant forces and vibrations. No sacrifice ride quality, nor vibration or stiffness. We chose high quality pillow ball bushings made in the EU and that is TUV certified.

Adjustability: Our Uniball bushings are designed with adjustable components, allowing for fine-tuning of suspension geometry and alignment settings with shims. This adjustability can be valuable for achieving optimal performance, handling characteristics, and tire wear. Or just add the bushing and use our Front Upper Adjustable Control arms for true motorsport adjustability.


  • Front Tension / Thrust Arms Bushings. Street to track version for your Giulia or Stelvio.
  • Made of 6061-T6 CNC (axis 5) bushing with high quality pillow ball bushing (TUV Certified/Made in Poland)
  • Exclusive Stepped inserts for a larger surface area to properly spread load/force through the subframe. Heat treated Steel inserts
  • Exclusive Scribe marks on bushing for alignment- Handy for those with Q4/STELVIO/RWD applying less negative camber. 45˚ angle marked for easy alignment in arm
  • Alfissimo Laser engraved logo
  • Anodized Black
  • Exclusive lightened Bushing
  • Available Installed in OEM or Aftermarket Arms (Made in Italy and Top Quality)
  • Recommend to use with our FUCA's for further camber to accept larger wheels. (front Upper Adjustable Control Arms)
  • Laser Cut shims (16x 4mm & 8x 2mm) Total of 24x shims 
  • Bolts (10.9) with washers (2mm thickness)
  • Noise, vibration or stiffness is increased over stock -Perfect for daily driving or a your track day event. 

Made in a TUV certified fabrication facility in Oceanside, California USA

 Sold as a set:

(2x front control arm bushings (caster correction) with all aluminum housing and Annealed 17-4 Stainless Steel heat treated eccentric uniball inserts + 4x extended bolts with washers + 24x quick adjustment camber shims of various thickness for fine tuning the alignment) Shims are T6-6061 Aluminum, laser cut and made in the UK. 

Compatible with:

Alfa Romeo Giulia models and QV /GTA/m

Alfa Romeo Stelvio/QV

*Stelvio/Giulia AWD Versions:

 -2°00 MAX of front camber to prevent excessive stress on front axles and CV joints.

For those who would prefer under -2°00 camber, you need to position the eccentric uniballs a 45° angle (We have a scribe mark for this purpose) in relation to the control arm centerline (line running down the arm). This will reduce caster and still give you the benefit of the solid aluminum uniball bushing and the ability to add camber.

*RETURN POLICY: Returns are not accepted for any reason. We suggest reading through entire description and if there are questions to please call or email. 

All Alfissimo/CORSA Bespoke products are not returnable. 


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