Oil Catch Can- Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.9L- By Alfissimo

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Alfissimo's CORSA Oil Catch Can Kit -Giulia 2.9L (Stelvio available soon and RHD)

Alfissimo’s Oil Catch Can kit is specifically designed to not only look OEM but function to keep your Giulia/Stelvio DI (direct Injection) or Dual Injected engine clean of carbon build-up and thus more reliable. Our kit has a large filtering area compared to other catch cans, the largest diameter hose for the most flow, easy quick clamp hose ends, CNC'd aluminum hose ends that work with OEM O-rings in the PCV system, CNC'd aluminum bracket for mounting, and heat protection. We did not compromise on any part for this kit. 

Why is the catch can essential to your engines health and performance? 

The Direct Injected 2.9L is prone to contaminants that cause carbon build-up inside the engine as well as greasy engine bay area. When this occurs, the engine has a much higher chance of misfire, engine knock, low performance and excessive oil vapors in the intake which all dump into the left side turbo causing possible failures of this turbo. On top of this it causes a puff of white/blue smoke out the exhaust on cold starts. All of this requires a trip to your favorite mechanic for diagnosis and carbon clean out of the intake and valves. This can be costly and annoying.  Our high quality catch can will reduce or eliminate these issues. 

Our catch can will reduce/eliminate not only oil/debris deposits on intake/valves, this will reduce oil in the turbos which is a common issue and why we see smoke briefly on startup. Some worse than others. This may reduce the turbos leaking as the oil degrades the turbo hence why this turbo is the most commonly replaced turbo. Our kit will keep your engine clean and running at full power. No more consistent carbon engine clean outs and dealer visits for issues with misfires/bad performance.  

Key results:

Dramatically reduce deposits on valves

Maintain performance

Reduce misfires/knock

Reduce trips to the mechanic for diagnosis and carbon clean outs

Reduce excessive oil vapors in intake system/lefthand turbo

Give longevity to the motor and components

- Single inlet and outlet oil catch can with internal baffling and with a new oversized semicircle 300-micron filter disc. Equipped with AN-10 ORB threads both for the inlet and outlet port. For motorsports, tuning, and street usage for any kind of usage that is in need of a crankcase oil vapor catch can. 


- 0.25/8.5oz catch can capacity- Made in Sweden

-stainless steel bracket

-Oversized 300-micron internal filter disc

-AN-10 ORB inlet / outlet, for the highest possible flow

-Easy drainage through the 1/4" drainage plug on bottom or remove can

-Dipstick for fast and easy reading of internal level

-Anodized 6061 Billet Aluminum

-Anodized black fittings

-Large plastic hose with shrink wrap/heat wrap for not only an OEM look but the BEST FLOW. 

-Heat Wrap made in Italy by Teknofibra 

-Quick connects with O-rings for easy install and removal- No leak/no retightening of clamps- Click the hoses in and go. 

-petcock drain and hose for easy disposal- no need to remove can. (drain out under the car or where ever you choose)

- Add our Silicone PCV diaphragm kit for complete overhaul of the PCV system. 

Supplied with all fittings to quickly install. Our kit will be mounted on left side firewall on the stabilizer bar for easy access but far enough away from the heat/engine for safety.  Instructions and Video coming...

* LHD vehicles

* RHD not developed yet, although LHD version should fit with minimal to no modification. We just cannot guarantee it will be a perfect fit but we can help with that if needed. 

*No Returns : Returns are not accepted for any reason. We suggest reading through entire description and if there are questions to please call or email. 

All Alfissimo Bespoke products are nonreturnable. 


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