Performance Logger Dongle by Squadra Tuning

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** VIN Required for all Dongles (Leave in comments on checkout) **

2023 vehicles - These are still in the works for full functionality. Currently they have less characters. You can purchase and upgrade later from home when new version is available. 

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Performance Logger Dongle- with SD data port by Squadra Tuning

The Performance Logger. It's an OBD device which is able to measure acceleration timing, several drivetrain parameters, a burnout/launch tool, exhaust flap control and front splitter control. In total 24+ parameters and functions. All in one. It is so simple to install, it plugs into the OBDII port and it functions from the steering wheel controls and center console controls. 

** It will be controlled by the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel**


What can the Performance Logger do?

The core task of the Performance Logger is to continuously measure acceleration times and to save the best times. In addition, the main parameters about the condition of the engine and drivetrain are shown. The longitudinal and transverse G-forces are displayed and the highest value is also stored.

But that’s not all. For the real drivers, ALL driving assistants can be removed. We’ve even added a special burn-out or line-lock feature. The fastest acceleration times can be set with the help of the Launch assist.

Finally, there is the option to clear error messages from all control units present on the fly. Code description is shown. 

Special options for the Quadrifoglio versions

For the Quadrifoglio versions, the exhaust valves can be opened. For Giulia Q’s the front splitter can be lowered for a cleaning job.


The operation and communication

Operation is via the menu button, the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel and the “Lane Assist” button. The Performance Logger communicates via the information line on the display between the tachometer and speedometer.

Stelvio: AWD Shutdown and AWD Monitoring

For Q4 Stelvio, we make it a true RWD but you can also monitor AWD Torque from the front axle. 


Burnout Mode: 

Pushing "RES" locks the front brakes so the rears can turn freely without heating up the rear brakes. Push "RES" again and the brakes are released. No traction control will interfere. No errors while pushing the brake and gas pedal at once. Get your tires ready for racing. 

It's now really easy to do a massive burn-out from a complete stand still. Rock N' Roll. 

All functions at a glance

Two versions are offered. The Performance Logger Full and the Performance Logger Light. The difference is the possibility to disable the ABS / TC and all other driving assistants, the absence of the Burnout mode and the Launch assist. Of course this is also reflected in a difference in price.

Integrated micro SD card for data logging available with all new loggers. (MicroSD Cards available below)

All new Performance Loggers for the 2.0T and Q versions from august 2021 can be equipped with a integrated micro SD card. The Logger is able to store all monitored data from each trip made. 4 times per second all monitored parameters and some extra parameters will be stored as an CSV file.

With help of an CSV file reader (for example the data can be examined. - NEW PROGRAM COMING SOON!




More Questions?

If you have any questions about the Performance Logger that have not been answered after consulting the user manual below in PDF format, please send us an E-mail.

When ordering, we need the VIN number of the car check the exact version of the car in order to provide the correct Performance Logger.

User manual:

Download link to English user manual for Giulia Q 6MT (PDF)

Download link to English user manual for Giulia Q 8AT (PDF)

Download Link 2.0L User manual for Giulia/Stelvio RWD/Q4 (PDF)

Important Information:

  1. VIN (Vehicle Number) needs to be supplied (VIN can be left in NOTES on checkout)
  2. SGW Bypass needed for 02/2018> Giulia/Stelvio *** This is very important for it to work. 
  3. Seat Belt Reminder may not be functional on US vehicles. 

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