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2pc Rotors -Giulia/Stelvio QV- Made in the UK

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Coming in January 2024

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We will have a 2.9L Giulia/Stelvio 2 pc rotor for Steel Brakes made  EBC available in January. Made in the UK (and all components)  

After an extensive development program, thousands of hours dyno testing, and the construction of a brand-new production line at the EBC Brakes World Headquarters in Northampton, UK, They will launch a new range of high performance 2-piece fully-floating brake rotors under the newly formed EBC Brakes Racing sub-brand.

Embarking on this project, the EBC Brakes Racing team’s mission was a clearly defined one; to develop the highest quality 2-piece floating brake rotor available on today’s marketplace. The componentry and technology used in these brake rotors exemplifies this pursuit of ultimate and absolute quality, culminating in a brake rotor that is perfectly matched to the highest braking demands of modern performance road and race cars.

EBC Brakes Racing uses only the highest quality disc alloy available. In the production process, these cast iron rings are balance checked, metallurgy checked, and then precision double disc ground for perfect accuracy and flatness to within microns. In addition, the centre hub, stainless steel bobbins, pressure clips, and hardware are all 100% made at the EBC racing facility in the UK to guarantee precision quality and function.

Every outer ring is cast from the highest-grade disc alloy ‘G3500’. Derived from race technology and having a high carbon and high copper metallurgy, G3500 disc alloy has superior thermal conductivity and heat cycling durability for maximum brake rotor life and performance, particularly during harder driving or track driving.

The benefits of using a high-performance metallurgy are evident after testing EBC Brakes Racing’s 2-piece floating rotors against the recently introduced and extremely harsh ‘Reg 90’ dynamometer routine. The EBC 2-piece rotors completed two full test cycles back-to-back with zero disc cracking and no visible disc crazing. To put this into perspective, most OE discs show signs of cracking at stop 40 and then fail at 50% through just one R90 test, at stop 80 of 150. The quality of EBC’s metallurgy coupled with the fact that the disc is fully-floating in its design allows EBC’s 2-piece rotors to outperform most OE discs by a factor of over 4x in the ‘R90 Thermal Fatigue Test’.

Available through us in January! 


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