Start/Stop Deactivator for Giulia/Stelvio

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Start/Stop Deactivator for Giulia/Stelvio

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Start/Stop Deactivator for Giulia/Stelvio- 2016 to Present. 

Deactivates Start/Stop. No more trying to remember to push the off button. This is a real deactivator, comes with plastic wedge tool and instructions to install. 

PLUG AND PLAY!!!! No special tools, no mechanic or programming needed! 


Currently manufactured cars are equipped with start&stop (S&S) system. It is used for reducing emissions when the car is steady. Unfortunately, practical operation of S&S has multiple disadvantages, especially in cars with an automatic gearbox. In most cases users experience redundant, short engine off/on toggles just for a few seconds, as they have no influence on the moment when the system kicks in. Such toggles are not only inconvenient, but sometimes a bit dangerous – for instance when a car is approaching a main road where visibility is limited and the car needs to be stopped. The engine is stopped by S&S system. Driver would like to be able to immediately join the traffic, but engine restart adds potentially dangerous delay which works against doing traffic join safely.

Aside of this, when S&S kicks in, the climate control system does not work efficiently and the car battery is additionally discharged (car lights, wipers, radio and additional engine restart), which results often in a non-optimally charged battery.

Although the car manufacturer has provided a button for the deactivation of the S&S system, its last state is not stored – the next ignition toggle restores the S&S system back to an activated status, and the driver needs to remember to turn it off again. 


SSD952.949 device is used for an automatic S&S deactivation shortly after an ignition is turned on. It is compatible with Alfa Romeo Giulia 2016+ and Stelvio 2017+.

Device use

SSD952.949 comes configured to disable the S&S as a factory setting after the ignition is turned on. In case the user would like to temporarily enable the S&S operation, it can be done by the car’s S&S button press. After next ignition toggle the SSD952.949 will disable the S&S.

A non-volatile deactivation of the SSD952.949 device is also possible. To do so, it is necessary to carry out 8 presses of the car’s S&S button with a delay not shorter than 1 second and not longer than 3 seconds. Successful deactivation is indicated by 8 blinks of the car’s S&S light on the panel S&S button.

In order to re-activate the SSD952.949 device repeat the same procedure as for the deactivation.

Other note

Each SSD952.949 device passes hundreds of electrical tests on an automated tester, as well as randomly selected production samples are visually screened and mechanically checked for robustness, what guarantees top quality of the final product.

Warranty and other claims

We provide a 2-year warranty for the SSD952.949 device failures. We reserve the right to reject a warranty claim in case of damages caused by an improper use, such as the use in harsh environmental conditions, water or other fluid contamination, contact with aggressive chemicals, damage made by the user, attempts of opening the device housing/connectors or any other modifications made to the device.

Do not use the device if there is visible damage, or in any case if you suspect that the condition of the device is not good or the device presence causes any car system to misbehave. 

Installation (plastic pry tool and instructions come with unit) takes about 2-3 minutes. 


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