8HP ATF (FEBI BILSTEIN) 5L -Alfa Romeo Giulia Stelvio All

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8HP (ZF 8 Speed) Made in Germany (Replaces ZF Lifegaurd 8)



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8HP ATF (FEBI BILSTEIN) 5L -Alfa Romeo Giulia Stelvio All 

Product Information

High protection against freezing, corrosion, and cavitation

Low compressibility and high corrosion protection

Excellent lubricating properties, high ageing-resistance and adhesion properties

Excellent lubricating properties, high ageing resistance, and high wetting and adhesion properties

Excellent thermal stability to reduce the build-up of sludge and maintain efficiency

Prevention of deposits and foam formation

Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

Prevention of deposits and foam formation

Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

Sold in 5L containers ONLY

Quality by Conviction

Oils from febi are not universal products, but rather are tailored to the special requirements of vehicle manufacturers.

Transmission oil is not just a lubricant - it is a vital component which optimises gear-shift quality and ‘feel’, providing excellent friction behaviour thanks to its thermal stability. It also gives ideal ageing resistance - ensuring great wear protection in all operating conditions and guaranteeing the best possible corrosion defence.

Selecting the correct replacement oil specification is vitally important to safeguarding your transmission operation as designed, and to maintain its performance throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. All febi transmission oils have the oil viscosity rating and vehicle manufacturer approvals, plus recommended applications written on the label to identify the suitability of each oil.

The gear oils offered consist of the most efficient base oils and modern additives. Thanks to their thermal stability, the oils are ideally resistant to ageing and provide maximum wear protection in all operating conditions.

To ensure a transmission’s long life and smooth operation, febi recommends that regular transmission oil servicing is carried out to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended intervals, subject to the operating conditions of the vehicle.

Febi has the right oil for your vehicle, regardless of whether it is equipped with an automatic or manual transmission. Enhanced protection is provided to all moving parts, enabling longer transmission life.

Recommended Use

ZF Lifeguard 8

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