Fiammenghi Exhaust - Made in Italy- Alfa Romeo Giulia/Stelvio

Fiammenghi Exhaust - Made in Italy


We are first of all car enthusiasts, then dreamers and as such we try to realize the dreams that every car enthusiast has. To do this we develop every project as if we had to buy it, thinking that when we enter the garage, we open the door of our sports car and we turn the key, we want to go back in time and feel happy like a child to whom they have just given the toy that he dreamed so much.

This does not mean making noise, this is a broader concept, it is a design philosophy, a construction philosophy, a way of thinking, a way to be happy, a way to be free…

In the 2002 we were born as Fiammenghi Engineering, a technical studio with a workshop for the design and construction of prototypes; over the years we have mainly dealt with the design for the industrial sector.

In 2009 we produced our first exhaust component for a Ferrari 550; from that moment the interest in sports exhausts increased up to the 2014 when we did the first prototype of a complete exhaust system for the Ferrari 575M. Then we dedicated ourselves to development of projects for various cars, obtaining the satisfaction of customers all over the world.

Fiammenghi Exhaust - Made in Italy

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