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Alfissimo Brake Pads- 2.9/2.0L Giulia/Stelvio (Street to Motorsport) Made in Italy

$189.00 tax excl.

Available in 3 weeks (End of July)

HD Track (R80) Special order- 2-3 weeks

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Alfissimo Brake Pads- 2.9/2.0L Giulia/Stelvio (R40, R60, R80) Made in Italy

R40 Fast Road (Street from daily to fast)

R60 Heavy duty / Rally / Hill climb (Motorsport/Track)

R80 Circuit Race competitions (Full Race)

All pads are have a special electro-welded steel mesh that guarantees the tightness of the material. Even at very high temperatures the special braking compound does not crumble and maintains its performance until the end.

N22 and N23 Certified


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