Brake Heat Shield- Alfa Romeo Giulia/Stelvio QV



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Brake Heat Shield (non-metallic) Pyroclast-Dynamic Energy Filter—Giulia/Stelvio QV

Our heat shields out perform titanium or any metal heat shield. Adding another layer of metal will not reduce heat transfer. These are materials used in Aerospace in extreme heat conditions, this same technology is used in motorsports. Many of our customers have overheated brake fluid, fried caliper dust boots and seals needing a complete caliper rebuild and fluid change. Here is the solution to reduce the frequency.

Made of Pyroclast® (Basalt felt sintered material), a new patented material with exceptional insulation properties and resistance to compression, it provides important benefits for competition braking on the Giulia/Stelvio QV.

-Vibration Damping

-Increased life of Brake caliper piston seals.

-Increased Brake performance due to lower brake fluid temps

-Significant reduction in temperature transfer.

-Ease in reaching correct temp of brake linings.

-Ultra thin/Ultra lightweight

-Easy install/remove for track days

-Made in Italy

The heat shield plates must be positioned between the pad and the piston of the brake caliper, creating a barrier capable of limiting the passage of heat emitted during braking. In this way, Vapor-lock problems caused by intense use of the brakes are significantly reduced.

  • These are not a disposable product, it can be reused and has an average life span three times longer than brake pads.

  • They have only been tested on racing brakes: use on standard brake pad applications is not recommended as they can heat up the pads too much.

  • Use with our Porterfield R4-S. R4, Raybestos Race ST-43/45, EBC BlueStuff and coming as well Ferodo DS2500, DS3500 and DS 3.12 full race pads is recommended.

  • Steel brakes only at this time. CCM calipers in the works.

PYROCLAST®, is a material free from toxic and dangerous substances included in the directive EU 2002/95/CE, p4 sec1, the material does not include Asbestos or other materials dangerous for health.

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