SLR Stabilizers / Anti-Roll Bars- Alfa Romeo 4C


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GMS SLR (SuperLightRace) Stabilizers / Anti-Roll Bars (ARB's) provide highly efficient body roll control, without negative impact on driving comfort. How come?


ARB is a torsion spring mounted to the car, that resists body roll motions when driving through the corners. If the left and right wheels move together up or down (going over speed bumps or driving over road irregularities), the ARB rotates about its mounting points and doesn't affect the car's stiffness, which means the driving comfort remains unaffected. However, if the wheels move relative to each other (cornering - body roll), the ARB is subjected to torsion and forced to twist. Forces are transferred via ARB link and bushings from the heavily loaded axle to the axle on the opposite side of the vehicle. The stiffer the bar, the more force required to move the left and right wheels relative to each other. This increases the amount of force required to make the body roll and results in more planted carving through the corners, which means less body roll and lower center of gravity.


GMS SLR Stabilizers / Anti-Roll Bars (ARB's) are the best on the market. Why?

We are using high end materials and precision CNC bending machines to ARB's into the shape to fit OEM or aftermarket coilovers of your 4C. Our ARB's are 40% larger in diameter compared to OEM, to provide supreme torsional rigidity. They are formed out of hollowed, high tensile, CrMo tubes instead of conventional solid rods, which saves a noticeable amount of weight compared to other aftermarket solid bar ARB's, without sacrificing the torsional stiffness. ARB's end adjusters are CNC'd out of CrMo monoblock, TIG welded and allow 3 different stiffness settings to precisely adjust understeer / oversteer balance. Bushing mounts are CNC'd out of T6-6061 aluminum monoblock, while bushings are made of PET-GL self lubricating, durable sliding medium for long lasting and smooth operation. Each ARB also has left/right movement limiter to prevent excessive movement of ARB left / right. We are confident our product is the benchmark of quality and engineering on the ARB market.

The ultimate stiffness / weight ratio ARB's on the market

3 way adjustable front stiffness (soft, medium, hard)

3 way adjustable rear stiffness (soft, medium, hard)

Lightweight, hollowed, CNC formed, high tensile CrMo tubes

Electrophoretic incognito black coated ARB surface

All aluminum T6-6061 CNC'd brackets, incognito black anodized, with laser engraved logo

PET-GL self lubricating, durable sliding medium for long lasting and smooth operation

Optional GMS adjustable ARB end links

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