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Patronas Paraflu Up Coolant- Concentrate

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Paraflu UP coolant. Original coolant used in Alfa Romeo giulia/stelvio. Ready to use. 

PARAFLU UP is a concentrated protective fluid for radiators. It is a Monoethylene Glycol base fluid, formulated with organic inhibitors based on O.A.T. (Organic Acid Technology). Also suitable for professional use.
PARAFLU UP is a specific protective fluid for the cooling systems that contain innovative light alloy materials.


Advanced stringent laboratory tests by PLI show that PARAFLU UP meets all requirements even in extreme running conditions.
PARAFLU UP mixed with 50% water allows:

The maintenance of the protecting characteristics of the inhibitor agents.

Optimal heat removal from the engine combustion chamber.

The maximum protection against:
- Cavitation and electrical discharge;
- Freezing (down to external temperatures of -40° C);
- Limescale formation;
- Boiling in the warm periods, traffic, city journeys (circuit temperature up to +125°C);
- Excessive swelling of rubbers and plastic in the circuit;
- Formation of deposits in the circuit also in conditions of exasperated exercise.


For proper use of the product, Manufacturers recommendations must be followed.
When refilling, in order to restore the level of the fluid, the product must be mixed with 50% water. Do not use the product concentrated.
Do not mix products of different brand or origin.


Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Iveco


ASTM D 3306 Type 1, CUNA NC 956-16,
FIAT 9.55523 CONTRACTUAL TECHNICAL REF.N°F101.M01, IVECO 18-1830-A002 CTR N°I101.M16,
Lotus Reference PE-00140, MS-90032


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